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Lauren Argo
Posted Dec 31 - Read on Facebook

Curious if it is possible to connect two framer prototypes? Trying to make a tablet invoke responses on a monitor. Any ideas?



Jake Blakeley

I haven't done this with framer, but if you use node.js and you can control something on a desktop using another device.

You can also use firebase for a more prebuilt solution as well.

Andy Cetnarskyj

I did this recently using fire base module

Enrique Gonzalez

Depending on your context and time, you might also consider a wizard of oz prototype where one person runs a prototype on the phone and another on the monitor demonstrating the responses..

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

In addition to the methods already suggested, I'd consider Pusher. Very fast, and a bit more straightforward than Firebase since it's specifically built for just firing events back and forth. I've used it for multiscreen Framer prototypes, and it works like a charm.

Sergey Voronov

I am using Marks firebase module a lot for such cases

Sergey Voronov

For example here spotify android and wear prototypes connected with firebase “Prototype with real data in Framer, from JSON to multi-device and internet of things” @mamezito

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