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Vikram Sunderraj
Posted Dec 28 - Read on Facebook

I have just started using Framer and learning the tool. Please have a look at the screenshot below. I have a list of video thumbnails that I need to auto scroll and stop at the center with the white border around it and auto plays video for 5 seconds and then auto scrolls to the next thumbnail with opacity to 100% white border and auto play video for 5 seconds. At the same time I have this white rectangle on the left, that also fade in and out with the title changing with the respective video thumbnail. Need help with the auto scroll and auto video play please.


Eelco Lempsink

Check out ScrollComponents’s scrollToPoint ( and scrollToLayer for the scrolling. To tie it in with the video you can control playback using the `player` object of the VideoLayer ( I think the best way to get it smooth and prevent cutting off the video, you should start the scrolling when the video ends (or has played for 5 seconds). The Video Player from the gallery shows you how to set up the event handling for that (

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