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Okernel Liu
Posted Dec 28 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, what do you think of this product?


Karan Ganesan

I am loving it Glad to have it

Winthan Aung

It looks great!

Taha Hishri


Joakim Wimmerstedt

Well, it looks nice and all but it's really unclear at what it is. I had to go to the github to actually figure it out, as the "about" link only shows the author. Also "MagiXJS allows you to create the most advanced webapps ever built." is simply untrue. How does it allow for more complex web apps than react, angular or meteor?

Koen Bok

Looks like a cool project! Always nice to see stuff being built on top of the Framer open source code.

Winthan Aung

did anyone try with Video on it?

Khallil Mangalji

does this use framer

Javier Eduardo Treviño


Koen Bok

For people wondering; this indeeds builds on the Framer code base. It is a bit confusing because the license/copyright statement is missing, but I'm working that out with him now, easy mistake.

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