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Adam Mazurick
Posted Dec 23 - Read on Facebook

We had a great time in Toronto tonight for Framer 3 @connectedlab!

We did the following:

Ate Pizza, listened to A$AP Rocky, got tons of free shirts from Framer and then kicked-off our meet-up. Thank you to those who came-out right before the Holidays!

1. We explored the Scroll Component and built a Netflix CTA Prototype.

2. We built a VR Prototype with a 3D Lizard…yeah. We explored the VR Component and then looked at a 3D Workflow using a Mac Pro Tower and Cinema4D.

The git repo is here. Slight issues with the cubemap-use Safari only...but we built it in 20 minutes. Including renders! So we're ok with that :)


Adam Mazurick
Paul Kooi

Is there video?

Adam Mazurick

Paul Kooi No. Video will go down in 2017.

Paul Kooi

Thanks. Looking forward to it

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