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Jorge Alvarez
Posted Dec 22 - Read on Facebook

A very basic question... is there a way to eliminate the transition from a PageComponent? I've tried a couple things, but they don't seem to work. What I basically need is the PageComponent version of layer.states.switchInstant().

I'm prototyping a bottom tab navigation, and I find helpful putting every separate screen in a separate page of a PageComponent to keep things tidy, but I do want to jump from item 1 to item 5 without having to transition through all of them in an animation.



Nic von Dort

Did you tried (animation: false) after the on click event?

Jorge Alvarez

I've tried setting the animation as false globally, as well as page.snapToPage(right,false) as well, but they're not working for some reason... 🤔

Nic von Dort

I used

flow.transition(sketch.NAMEOFLAYER, scaleTransition)

you need to define the "scaleTransition" state...for example opacity.

perhaps your solution works if you do page.snapToPage (right, animation: "false")

Jorge Alvarez

Sorted! I was doing (right, "false"), instead of (right, false). Damn, I was so close! :D Thanks a lot, Nic von Dort

Nic von Dort

np... your welcome :)

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