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Alex Maximets
Posted Dec 22 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers,
I'm not sure if someone has already covered this topic, but I'm having trouble getting pageComponent working with a scroll component inside of it.

I'm supposed to have couple of pages with their contents wider than Screen.width and allow user to swipe to next page once he gets to the end of content in current page. Currently both page swipe and scroll fire off simultaneously.

Here's my attempt:

Any help would be appreciated!


Jonas Treub

If you want to give the scroll and page components the same scrolling direction you have to do some management to make sure only one of them is scrolling at a time. Here is an example:

Alex Maximets

Thank you Jonas for your prompt response. I've played around with your code to include the page indicator functionality and tried to get each "scroll" layer to have different widths (required for my project) but something seems to crash. Also I can't seem to get the page to jump back to the "scroll"#1 when I'm on "scroll"#3 and i scroll right and to "scroll"#3 when i'm on "scroll"#1 and I scroll left. Can you please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Cheers

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