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Thomas Rekers
Posted Dec 21 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers, I could use your help.
Q: Is it possible to embed(?) a Framer prototype link into an Android app, for testing purposes?

The team and I are trying to set up a smoketest, to test whether we can get people to download a certain app. The 'test app' will not consist of more than the onboarding and several core screens. We already have a Framer prototype, so it would be really useful if we can convert it into an Android Application, to test demand before building the app. I have read that it is possible to display website links in an app, using a WebView element. We can then use ads and a landing page to try to direct people with certain devices to the Play store.

Has anyone ever tried something similar using a Framer prototype? Or would you recommend against this?

Any help or advice is much appreciated!


Jonas Treub

This is definitely possible. You could present the prototype using a fullscreen web view. And you'll probably need to run a local webserver to host it.

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