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Edwin Van Rijkom
Posted Jan 02 - Read on Facebook

Alright, Frameristas, we’re closing out 2016 with a bang!

Allow me to introduce Framer Cloud, an end-to-end product design and feedback flow. Less time spent on back and forth means more time for design.

A smooth save-to-share flow with in-app notifications opens into a new dashboard, complete with features to access version history, edit share details and delete prototypes. Your shareable links never expire, they now sync automatically so your team is always kept in the loop.

Read the blog post for the full feature breakdown —


Daniel Lin

WOW. so excited to try this!

Dominik Wierl

Wonjun Song


Alex Norton

Yass 🙌🏽

Fritz Frizzante


Jordan Robert Dobson

Great work Framer JS team.

Dominik Sebian

Really awesome feature! Just saw it in the Beta release, very nice!

Lauren Nielsen


Arturo Goicochea

Help me sell this internally: how secure is this? :) (Love it btw!)

Mike Teksas


Patryk Adaś

you are too cool

JT DiMartile

So amazing! Wish we could use all of this amazing stuff on internal corp somehow. :(


awesome ..

Tucker Spofford

Guys this is super rad, but without password protection it's still totally useless for me. Please, Please, Please, add a way to password protect uploaded prototypes so I can use it with my clients.

Eelco Lempsink

We just shipped a small update with some bug fixes and a small addition: use command-control-S as a shortcut to quickly ‘Save to Cloud’ (upload or update).

Che Harvey

Looks awesome, but what is that song!?

Mark Davies

Any chance we'll be able to share our dashboard for people to view all prototypes?

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Can we expect an update to the iOS app to go with the new Cloud service? At the moment the app doesn't open cloud links automatically (just the old links), and I would love it if it could just have a dashboard view where I can find all my latest prototypes.

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