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Veronica Jimenez-Miller
Posted Dec 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framers! How can I keep the user's scroll position on a scroll component? Thanks


Jonas Treub

The scrollX and scrollY properties of a scrollComponent are both getters and setters.

Veronica Jimenez-Miller

This is what I have:

Veronica Jimenez-Miller

titlesscroll = new ScrollComponent
parent: filterbox
width: 755
height: 1000
y: 96
titlesscroll.scrollHorizontal = false
titlesscroll.scrollVertical = true
titlesscroll.content.scrollY = 5000

Veronica Jimenez-Miller

titlescontainer = new Layer
parent: titlesscroll.content
width: 755
backgroundColor: null
height: 1000

Veronica Jimenez-Miller

I've added a bigger value to scrollY but it keeps bouncing back

Junha Kang

can u explain again what u r trying to achieve here ?

and maybe it's not working because the content scrollY u set is bigger than the scrollcomponents height

Veronica Jimenez-Miller

Yeah, just adjusted the size and worked! Thanks 🙏🏻

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