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Hugo van Heuven
Posted Feb 04 - Read on Facebook

Heyhey, framer is giving me some trouble with the canvas. I work on a retina, on desktop apps... I don't seem to get lucky with any of the device settings:

If I set Device to canvas, I can't zoom in or out.

If I import my sketch file 1x it's all blurry,
If I import my sketch file 2x framer displays it 1x and basically zooms in 200%

If I set Device to MacbookPro I can zoom to 50% giving me correctly what I should see, but everything is offset by the macbookpro image, and the Canvas apparently can Pan/Scroll...

Anybody a experience working with Framer for non-mobile prototypes?


Jonas Treub

Hi Hugo! We don't support this at the moment. Which is a pity. Its on the list for improvement. Thanks for the heads-up!

Andy Walker

Jonas Treub I just ran into the same issue when trying to import a Sketch file for a desktop prototype. Adding a +1 for this improvement.

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