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Travis Arnold
Posted Dec 21 - Read on Facebook

Hello 👋 I was wondering if there is any way to run the import feature for Sketch and Figma in a node JS script? I have a gulp build system that watches all of my files and would love to add the import option so when I save my Sketch/Figma file it will then trigger a task to rebuild the imported folder.


Niels van Hoorn

Interesting thought! Out of the box I don't think it's possible, but in the end the importer is just executing some terminal commands, so maybe we can expose that as well.

Travis Arnold

That would be awesome :) I noticed that symbols don't work with the importer? I've been digging around and found this library which I think supports Sketch symbols.

Niels van Hoorn

Symbols do work, but they need to be in their own group, which I agree isn't really intuitive.

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