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Brad Wrage
Posted Dec 17 - Read on Facebook

Another question for all of you! I'm trying to use a layer that basically expands as a small circle in lower right corner to take over the whole screen. I want this layer to clip a photo and some text. I'm finding that when assigning the circle as the parent to the photo and text, any sort of sate animation is affecting the children as well.

How can I only affect the parent layer animation while the children stay independent?


Jordan Robert Dobson

You can't really. Very sensibly.

This might be a good idea for a mask component though.

Cc Koen

David Louie

Brad Wrage - . It's not ideal for sure. As the parent circle grows to cover the screen it's actually moving to the left and up since it animates from the top left point of the layer and not the mid point. In order to compensate you have to animate the the contents (the photo and the text) the opposite way to make it look like it's being revealed properly. Hope it helps.

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