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Celeste DeMartis
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Is there any way to get the current layer of a flow component? I'd like to have a conditional to change the flow.header depending on which screen is to other ways to do this.


Koen Bok

Yes it is `flow.current`. Seems like we made an oops in the docs cc Benjamin.

Celeste DeMartis

Thank you! I created a toggleNav function to use the current layer to toggle the nav. This seems to work only when calling it on showNext, not showPrevious... any chance you could take a look?

Celeste DeMartis

took a different approach, instead of swapping flow.header completely, just turning on and off a layer for back button

Leland C Rangel

We are running into a similar issue when setting a new header. It seems to work on showNext but not showPrevious. We are also looking at a different solution but really want to maintain the header in each layer/Artboard so as not to disrupt the designers on our team with them having to provide a different solution for headers on each artboard in sketch.

Clinton Jordaan

Did you ever solve this problem??

Jithesh Ramesh

I tried to change the header icons based on the flow. This still gives the feel of the header changing but the animations are tricky to solve

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