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Ray Alexander
Posted Dec 16 - Read on Facebook

This isn't a complicated question but its a tough one to search for. when I build a prototype with a scroll container and then open it in safari for iOS, as I scroll the content the iOS browser chrome does not 'transition' into its minimized version. I understand that this is because I'm not actually scrolling 'the page' since the scroll container is screen size and the content is scrolling within that. I can't possibly be the first person to run into this issue...what do you guys do?


Tarun Chakravorty

yeah...i've run into this one before and have ended up just mimicking the safari transitions in framer and opening the prototype in the framer app...

Niels van Hoorn

Have you seen this?
I think it's what you're looking for.

Ray Alexander

baller. thats exactly what i was looking for. i think.

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