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Patrick Keenan
Posted Dec 14 - Read on Facebook

I was super excited about the flowcomponent, but it turns out I can't use it yet because I built my own custom scroll component that supports pinned scrolling headers and appending below the last item, so I don't have to care about y values.

Is there a way to override the flow component's forced scroll component and just use my own, and treat the added layer as just a layer?


Koen Bok

So if you push a layer to FlowComponent it should never wrap it in a ScrollComponent if it already is a ScrollComponent (or a subclass).

Patrick Keenan

I see, that makes sense, but it does seem to be destroying my scroll component, it makes the height of the component the height of the content, essentially disabling it.

Koen Bok

Any chance on a small example? I can fix this :-)

Patrick Keenan

Stripping it down it does seem to be working afterall, my bad. Here's the example that works.

I'll debug, thanks!

Patrick Keenan

I spoke too soon, the issue arises when I want to make the scroll component smaller than the screen height and have a y offset. Same example, not working:

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