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Travis Hall
Posted Dec 28 - Read on Facebook

I’ve been working on a few speech assistant concepts over the past few months and needed a quick way to test different conversations before moving onto using


So, building on Brian Bailey’s work I recreated created a Google Home conversation prototype. It uses the SpeechRecognition & SpeechSynthesis Web API’s so it only works on Chrome currently and has a few issues hanging up, but It can be modified easily to “mock” a conversation. Just edit the responses array and mirror in chrome to use. I also find it useful to write down a script of user queries I want to test.

Google recently released “Actions on Google” so I thought it would be interesting to share for those that are interested in designing voice UI’s

More info:


Sergey Voronov

Heh man:) cool stuff, i was doing same stuff for nex london meet up:)

Sergey Voronov

Also is cool, though proper version cost is about 100 per month:(

Ty Leppek

Did you share the source? Not seeing the download button?

Emmanuel Henri

Koen Bok add voice prototype in a future version?

Sergey Voronov

Hey Travis Hall i wrote a simple module for can give you for tests before publishing

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