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Joseph Keller
Posted Dec 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framer, I'm having issues with getting prototypes to appear on my device in the Framer app (IOS 6+). My machine and device are connected to the same wifi network but I am not getting anything happening in the app. Any way to troubleshoot this? or tips?


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Joseph, Framer uses Apple’s device discovery technology. This works on most networks (some corporate networks might disable this though). If you have a third-party firewall it might block the ports on your Mac so the Framer Preview app can’t connect.

If the network does not support devices discovery, one way to get it working is:
- Enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone
- Connect the iPhone to your Mac via USB
- Then open your Mac’s System Preferences
- Go to Network
- Select iPhone USB from the interface list, or create it.
- Uncheck ‘Disable unless needed’
- Click Apply

This will activate Personal Hotspot and create a network connection between your Mac and iPhone that also should allow Framer Preview to see Framer. Your internet should still go through your normal WiFi/Ethernet connection.

Joseph Keller

Eelco, Thanks a lot for the work around. I'll give it a try! Thanks again!

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