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Daniel Beere
Posted May 30 - Read on Facebook

Hi folks,

Playing around with Framer Flows and have an issue going between screens via showOverlayBottom. The tabBar is anchored to the bottom, but just wondering how to anchor the navBar to the top and make the content scrollable. Similar to Benjamin's prototype:

My prototype:

Any ideas? Cheers!


Niels van Hoorn

Hey Daniel, cool thing you build! There are two small bugs in your prototype that keep it from functioning as expected:
- When you access layers from a sketch import, you should always use the layer name on the object directly, instead of the nested name. So instead of writing f.b.navBar, you should use f.navBar
- The overlay always will overlap everything else, so also the header and footer you specify. You can use showNext() to keep seeing the header and footer, but if you would like to have the modal transition, you might need to wrap them in another FlowComponent that you present as overlay.

Here's an example how it would work with showNext:
And here's one with two FlowComponents:

Daniel Beere

Hey Niels, thanks so much for this! I really appreciate it. That solution makes sense. Happy to learn something new! Sorry to bug you with this also, but trying to turn off horizontal scroll on f.content would one have to wrap that in a ScrollComponent or what would you recommend best? Thanks again!

Daniel Beere
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