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Adam Mazurick
Posted Dec 15 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers! So the other day I made post that said Treehouse would be offering a CoffeeScript course. I even posted a link to the page that said the course would be released in December. Then Diana Yun said the link was dead. So I contacted Treehouse and they said they were going to release a course but then have (as of today) put it on hold. Treehouse is concerned there might not be enough interest in the course. If you would like them to continue with such a course, please vote. They will be watching this poll.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Graham Lauren

Jordan Robert Dobson

I know many UW students would take it from the meetups we hold.

Adam Mazurick

I just love the learning format of treehouse. I love the way the Swift Language was taught. The Interactive Assignments that followed each video allowed me to quickly make mistakes and learn from them.

Diana Yun

Adam Mazurick Thanks for investigating and setting this up!

Lulu Wang

I'd love to have this course to have a better understanding of the basics.

Koen Bok

Hi Diana, I'm a founder of Framer. We'd love a course by Treehouse. If there is any way we can help with data to support the decision let me know cc Elena.

Oliver Ree

Was going to renew my subscription today for this haha

Josh Stegmeier

For those interested in this course, please reach out to [email protected] and express your interest. They will pass along any feedback to the teaching team.

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