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Chad Smith
Posted Dec 12 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framers! I've been having a lot of fun with the flow component, but I can't get the .showOverlayCenter() function's 'modal' argument to work. This means I can't have the modal disappear when clicked. Can you help me out? Here's the example, ripped straight from the documentation:


Chris Camargo

The documentation is confusing here...

The block above the code example for the `modal` boolean in `flow.showOverlayCenter()` says:
"The modal argument is set to false by default. **If you would like the overlay to be clickable** and return to the previous screen, you can enable this boolean."

Then, in the code example, just before the `modal` property is set:
`# Show modal, **overlay is not clickable**`

The documentation seems contradictory. cc Benjamin Den Boer.

However, Chad, you can still get the desired effect with an extra line. See the screenshot.

Chad Smith

Thanks Chris!

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