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Ben Graham
Posted Dec 11 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys I'm new 😀 This seemed like the best tool to prototyp with (by far) Quick question before I start to get immersed in it.... does plain ol JS work or is this a timeframe and click to edit app.... I'm comfotablt with both too.... also is code exported to be used on the dom ... It seems very unique and interesting framer.js Thanks in advanced everyone 👍


Ben Graham

also noticed something that looks like an arrow function but different....never seen this syntax before?

Emmanuel Henri

So for the JS question no and it's coffeescript but if you're familiar with JS you'll pick it up fairly quickly...the arrow function is similar to ES6 syntax. For using on the DOM yes and no...if you look at the rendered prototype you'll recognize your code and be able to pull some of it out of it.

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