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Josh Ackerman
Posted Dec 12 - Read on Facebook

I recently got some dribbble invites, if anyone here is interested leave a comment or send me a link to your portfolio, and/or a cool Framer prototype. Alternative ways to contact me can be found on Dribbble


Franz Ombico

hi Josh, here's a link to my portfolio. I'm mainly a Principle for Mac user, but I'm hoping to get into Framer once I attend the Toronto meetup this week. All the best!

Ben Graham

I'd love one if you don't [email protected]

Ben Graham

dribbble invite? 🙃

John Kowalski

Hey Josh Ackerman I've been looking for a dribble invite for ages now :,). My portfolio is still in the works right now but heres a framer prototype ill be using in it.

Andrea Pedrina

hi Josh Ackerman. this is my award winning portfolio: let me know if I'm worth it :)

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