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Daniel Keller
Posted Dec 10 - Read on Facebook

Im trying to use .animate with time:

Im encountering the problem that i can make an animation max 1 second long.

time: 1 gives exactly the same result like time: 10

Is this intended? What is the reason for this? Any easy / good work arounds?


Hoffer Gábor

In case you're using spring as your curve it will not load time as a parameter. Either use cubic-bezier or linear and it will work...

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

But you do want to control the time of an animation but still use a spring, allow me to shamelessly plug my Hook module from a while back:

Nitin Sampathi

Are you declaring the time of the animation in the right spot? Sometimes time needs to only be indented once (line 22 and line 37) but when you're using .animate, time needs to be nested underneath the animation options (line 30). But, you also might just be working with a spring curve.

Daniel Keller

Also thanks to all the others! I keep the work around with spring in mind, at the moment I am only using linear.

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