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Arturo Goicochea
Posted Dec 12 - Read on Facebook

Is it time to ask for our christmas presents yet? :P I'd love to ask for Framer Studio USB connection to the Framer iOS app and an Android app if there's still room :D


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Arturo!

Santa already made you an Android previewing app :) — .

USB support is a great and commonly requested feature. We're definitely looking into adding this soon.

Thanks for asking and thinking with us! Feature requests are super valuable.

Arturo Goicochea

Thanks Krijn :) I do have that one for Android, but coercing my fingers you guys will make an equivalent to the one you have for iOS. Would make designing for both platforms easier. Love your work, you're 50% of how I design ;)

Krijn Rijshouwer

Ha, those words are too kind man. Very happy you like what we're building.

Ah, I see. We'd definitely love to improve our Android version and it's on our list for sure!

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