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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Dec 09 - Read on Facebook

The Framer JS Seattle group wanted to share the results from our Holiday Hackathon last night at our 19th monthly meet up.

We took 40 minutes to pull together a holiday themed prototype to have someone at random share. A few of us had prepared a bit ahead of time... but it's awesome to see how quickly our group could pull together a prototype.

Here they are:

Chris Camargo

Jordan Robert Dobson

Arturo Goicochea

Lauren Nielsen

Christian Hagel

Jake Dobson - 1st time in Framer!

Andrew Kelly

Nick Simonson

Also, we wanted to all say thanks to the Framer team for all your support in helping us with these events. We've learned a ton, taught a ton, been inspired, made friendships, had fun and overall became we've become better designers AND... more helpful to fellow employees and our teams because of you.

♥️ Jordan & Stephen


Jordan Robert Dobson

Thanks Stephen Crowley for the video!

Josh Rule


Jordan Robert Dobson

I think my favorite is Chris Camargo's eyeball.

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