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Dominik Wierl
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

I'm having pretty big issues with the mirror app on the iPhone 7:

I'm seeing my prototypes in the app, but when I click on one, it loads for hours and it slows down my wifi connection. Or it seems like to do this. The prototype files are not really big, so I don't think that this is the issue. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue?


Floris Verloop

Do you know anything that might cause this Jonas?

Dominik Wierl

Just found out, it slows the complete wifi down until I close the app on my iPhone. Then the speed goes back to normal. I also tried it with just a plain prototype, which is basically just one blue layer and it took also super long to show on my phone.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I've hit this before too.

Jonas Treub

Dominik and Jordan. Is this on a company network or at home? The amount of people, prototypes, and the size of prototypes are what I'm interested in. I'll try to reproduce it.

Dominik Wierl

It's a home network. There was just me and just one Prototyp. But I'm also using a NAS. Maybe the NAS- and the mirror ports are the same?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Same. It was at home.

And it was mostly for some basic stuff. If I remember correctly I ended up just pasting the Mirror URL in to get it working.

If it comes up again, I'll pause and let you know what was going on.

Kwaku Asante Frimpong

Hello, is there any update on this, please? I'm having the same issue and it's impeding some usability tests I'm trying to run.

Jonas Treub

Have you tried opening a shared prototype. When you copy the link to your clipboard it will show up in the links tab.
You can also download the prototype on your device for offline testing.

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