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Posted Dec 10 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone! It was a beautiful night in Taipei! Here is a quick report on the Framer Meetup in Taipei.

16 UX/UI designers joined the meetup. Most of the attendants are new to Framer. Therefore we chose to share variety topics
The presentation topics are:
1) The experience of using Framer in design workflow at PicCollage.
2) The benefits of Framer Flow
3) Integrate type form and google analytics with Framer for blind user testing.
Most of the participants would like to have more general Framer technique sharing and also some challenge idea in the next meetup. Many of them would love to have some beginner workshop, so that they can have a better sense how to use Framer in their design process.

At the end of the meeting, people stayed after with the speakers to continue to discuss some of the problems in the use of Framer and the details of the workflow.

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the participants, and feedbacks. Thank you to Framer's official sponsorship and PicCollage to help us complete our first Framer Meetup in Taipei!
Looking forward to the next Framer Taipei Meetup!


Elena Stoyanova

Thanks for sharing ✨ it looks like a fun night! Looking forward to the next one as well!

Raymond Chao


Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

So awesome 😍

Rajeev Ranjan Kumar

Great work 👍

Michael Hu


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