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Angie Marie
Posted Dec 08 - Read on Facebook

I searched the group, but maybe I'm not using the right search terms -- I have one project that will suddenly not let me change the device -- I can't click on the dropdown menu. All of my other projects work just fine. I'm not sure what happened! Please help.


Koen Bok

Angie, I'm sorry for the bug. What happens if you start a new project and copy your code over? Could you send me the broken project at [email protected] so I can inspect?

Angie Marie

Koen Bok unfortunately, I can't send it, but it DOES work when I copy code over to a new file

Angie Marie

Koen Bok I have another question that maybe you (or others) can help with. We are just starting to use Framer on my team and we have a shared file that we check into GitHub. We are having trouble figuring out how to merge files without conflicts when we make updates to the Sketch file. What's the best way to manage the Sketch file with source control? We are seeing a lot of conflicts with the imported folder in Framer. How are people handling this?

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