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Domenico De Fano
Posted Dec 15 - Read on Facebook

Hello everyone!
Do you have a workflow for remote mobile user testing with FramerJS? I've found this article but Reflector requires the testing device to be on the same network as the "control" device. I would like to have a remote test using Skype and a web/mobile solution to see what the user is doing.


Silvia Bormüller

Have you tried ?

Lukas Guschlbauer

I've used lookback already for testing... didn't use it for mobile yet but from what I've used it for I can say that it's a pretty good tool!

Heni Amundsen
Svet Denkov

If it is an iOS device you can plug it into a computer, start Quicktime and use Screen recording for that device. Assuming the user and his phone are the remote ones (least ideal scenario), portable camera+any camera app that shows video and screen sharing app/service ( hangouts) will do the trick.

Domenico De Fano

Just came across Lookback Live It could be an easy way to record and share the live session

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