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Jon Arnold
Posted Dec 08 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristas!
Is there a way to open framer projects in finder with a double click (launching Framer Studio)?


Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

I had the same thing in my mind. Didn't find a way yet unfortunately.

Marc Krenn

Not that I know of.

However, you can drag'n'drop the project-folder onto the Framer App icon in in order to launch and simultaneously open a specific project.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You can right click and setup a service.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Jordan Robert Dobson

In system settings you can now setup a keyboard shortcut for this service.

Koen Bok

No. In OSX we have to choose to be an app bundle or folder. We want to be a folder because we like people messing around in their projects, which are really just html sites. If you opt for being a folder a double click will always open the contents in Finder :-/

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