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Wonjun Song
Posted Dec 08 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, I'm just starting to learn Framer. So far I've learned just couple of basics so there's a lot more to learn! I recently came across this sweet thing called mo.js. ( I am trying to see if I can integrate it with framer. I tried to load mo.js with Dynamic Loader ( but I am kind of stuck after that. Is it possible to use this .js file on Framer environment (coffeescript)? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Koen Bok

Yeah it is possible, and not too hard if you're good with JavaScript. But if you're really really starting out, I'd recommend to start with one at a time.

Is there something specific you wanted to make? If so I can recommend where best to start.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah I'm not sure what you'd want to get out of mo.js that you couldn't do with Framer.

Wonjun Song

Thank you Koen and Jordan. I am not good with javascript at all. I'm very new to Framer(it's been about a week and just bought it today) and I got little too excited after looking at other animation library and see if I can use it easily on Framer. I liked burst effect and path drawing on mo.js. Jordan, your vr demo was really cool! Thanks for sharing knowledge.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah most of everything you see there you can basically do in Framer. If you're getting stuck just let us know.

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