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Stephen Crowley
Posted Dec 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristos- Today it's snowing in Seattle so it's quite fitting to share this. If you use the Amazon app, you might start to notice something a little different when you tap the menu. My teammate Timothy Whalin and I teamed up to test some snowfall animations. I leveraged some of Jordan's Periscope Hearts emitter work he demoed at one of our early Framer Seattle meetups to generate the snow with random fall patterns. This was really fun to experiment with- so thanks Tim for bringing me in to collaborate. Here is an example of one of the early tests we did- hope you like it!


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yay. Someone used that work I did so so long ago! :)

Stephen Crowley

I was able to repurpose what I learned from the talk to help me build this, so if anyone is interested here is the link (Glad we recorded it since FB live wasn't available yet :))

Johannes Eckert

I noticed earlier today!!
Is this only happening at locations where it's snowing today or does it happen Nationwide?

Koen Bok

Pretty proud of this! Cc Werner Vogels

Lauren Nielsen


Aaron Benjamin


Jon Arnold

Stephen Crowley why don't you share the code ;-)?

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