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Jonathan Cohen
Posted Dec 04 - Read on Facebook

Howdy Framers. I'm a user experience guy and want to earn me some top notch Framer skills. Watched the course on Udemy - which was a great place to start - but frankly I'm kinda lazy and haven't done the exercises. I need some accountability if I'm going to level up and that's what brings me to your sexy FB group.

Is there any online course for Framer? Not just go-at-your-own-pace videos and exercises. I want the real deal - a real instructor with real deadlines for homework assignments and real critiques of my code. I've searched far and wide and haven't found any continuing education style online course. Is there one? 🙏

I live in NYC so something IRL would be kewl too. Thanks. Love, Jon.


Koen Bok

We have a great resources page with multiple courses:

For in person, you can attend the NYC meetup and maybe ask someone to teach you:

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