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Nathan Wadhwani
Posted Dec 05 - Read on Facebook

I think I may have found a bug with scrolling. I am trying to remake the category bar on the discovery page of the Ello iOS app. On the Ello app you can scroll horizontally to reveal more categories but if you scroll the content vertically the category bar disappears.

I got this working for the most part in framer but when you add both vertical and horizontal scrolling to the category bar in framer the Y position shifts.

If you comment out the horizontal scrolling for the category bar then the Y positioning is fine. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I'm new to framer so I may not be coding it correctly.


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Nathan, you were doing everything correctly, but since you wrap the category bar in a ScrollComponent, you must move the y position of that ScrollComponent (scrollCategory_Bar), and not the bar itself (sketch.Category_Bar). See (I changed line 34)

Nathan Wadhwani

Ahh...That makes sense. My bad. Thanks! Works now.

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