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Katherine Martinez
Posted Dec 05 - Read on Facebook

hey! does anyone know of example using a page component with swipeable images and when you pinch to zoom on one of the images you can pan around the image. for example the facebook mobile app can do this. any help appreciated!


George Kedenburg III

i dont have one off hand but this should be easy to make! just start with a page component full of image layers that have pinchable turned on... then on the pinchStart event of each layer disable the pagecomponent and on pinchEnd check if the scale is 1 again before re-enabling

Katherine Martinez

i have that part working and that was really easy. the part im stuck on is the panning part once zoomed in

Katherine Martinez

here is a framer share with everything but the panning part working once zoomed.

Katherine Martinez

George Kedenburg III any luck with this by chance?

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