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Jurre Houtkamp
Posted Nov 30 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I've been lurking this group for a while now but dove into framer on a daily basis only recently. Benjamin Den Boer suggested I'd post one of my first projects and I would love to hear what you guys think. I'm still fairly new to this so bare with me on the clunky code, would love to see some feedback!

You can check out the full prototype over here

Or find me on Dribbble over here


Giovanni Caruso

Ok. Officially in love with your proto :)

Giovanni Caruso

Btw, any reason why the SUN is the smallest of the group?

Jeongmin Kim


Jurre Houtkamp

Giovanni Caruso Thanks! I didn't really pay too much attention to the accuracy in size of the planets and stars. The sun doesn't contain that much detail, it's just a yellow circle. The planets however do contain some detail so I wanted to display them a little bigger on the screen. If I would have displayed the sun accurately compared to the planets it would have been a giant blob that spans the whole screen. I do get your point though, it feels a bit off.

Thomas Law

Dude, that's legendary. I never think of drawing universe in Framer.

Jurre Houtkamp

Thomas Law Thanks dude! Thats what I love about it, you're not limited to our everyday interfaces

Benjamin Den Boer

Cool stuff, Jurre! :-)

Rafe Chisolm

Super elegant Jurre Houtkamp 👌

Jacky Lee


Jacopo Moretto

Very cool stuff! It could be very interesting to list planets by solar system's order, because the animation seems to get you moving foreward from the farthest planet to the sun!

PS in iOS framer app the loading image remains visible when You slide planets

Akash Soti

Awesome work Jurre!

Fausto Pérez

Taste! Congratulations!

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