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January 2014

January 03

Juliano Moreira Silva
Has anyone used FramerJS for website prototyping? Not mobile app. Tks!

January 06

Will Moyer
Anybody have an example of using reverse() with an animation? I'm a bit of a noob struggling with it.
Ismael Gonzalez
Hi all, i just wanted to show you my latest FramerJS mobile prototype! Do you like it?

January 07

Eugene Morozov
I'm getting a weird white flash when I animate opacity on click in codepen. Is this a codepen issue only? How do I avoid it?

January 09

Cemre Güngör
Update to Sketch-Framer! Hidden layers in Sketch now export as hidden layers to Framer. Handy for maintaining different states. To turn them visible, try layer.visible = true
Henrique Alves
Hi chaps, I'm probably asking this question again :) How can I get the "transitionend" event of an animated view?

January 10

Dave Marchuk
Hi Everyone, Thanks for accepting my join request! My JS is pretty rough and I have a problem I can't figure out: I have an element (smallBox) as a group within a larger element in my Photoshop file (bigBox). If I'm understanding right, the parent (bigBox) is assigned as the "superView" of the child "view" (smallBox) when Framer generates. I have figured out the scripting so that when you click anywhere on "bigBox", it slides up (mostly off screen), which is what I need. However, this is causing me problems: I don't want the "bigBox" to slide up when "smallBox" is clicked; clicking on "smallBox" needs to change the main background image and leave "bigBox" open. Does anyone have any advice on how to get this working or is my approach not going to work?

January 13

Dave Marchuk
Is it possible to include a video within a framer prototype? I have a psd generated element and I want to have a video play within it. I tried using an imageView and got a mime type error (which is what I was expecting, it was worth a shot though LOL). If it's possible can someone give me some guidance on what I'd need to do to make this happen?

January 15

Dave Marchuk
Is there a way to use the "this" keyword with framerjs? My situation is that I have an element that gets triggered via a right click (contextmenu). However with framerjs, to trigger an event you have to use: element.on("contextmenu"), function(event) { do some stuff }); to make the action recognized, thus removing the possibility of using "this" as the reference is lost (from what I understand). I've tried using element.contextmenu = function(), but that didn't work, neither did element.addEventListener... I was getting js errors about no "reference to the object", "no method of that name" or the function wasn't even triggering (tested that with console.log). My goal is to create a re-usable function that I can attach to a number of elements that will use the same "do some stuff" code, and then use an if statement to see which element "this" is and do some more stuff. Anyone have any advice on how I could accomplish this? Thanks for any help!

January 18

Dave Marchuk
Apologies for the multitude of questions, but I have to ask one more: I'm trying to display the current system time within a view that I've created, but I can't figure out how to get the time to display there. All of the tutorials I've checked out say to use document.write, which puts it in the wrong place, or document.getElementById, but I'm getting "Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined" errors. I can get the time to display, but not within the element I need it in. So far I have: var timeDisplay = new View(); = { "font-size":"12px", "color":"white", "z-index":"500", "border":"2px solid red", // for testing "text-align":"right" } function today(view) { todayDate = new Date(); document.view.innerHTML = todayDate.getHours(),":",today.getMinutes(); } today(timeDisplay); Can anyone give me a hand on how to accomplish this?
Florian Pnn
Hi everyone, I'm stuck on a problem about animation with the framework : How can I animate at the same time 2 properties w/ 2 different curves? I tried that but the first animation is skipped : view.animate({ properties: {x:61}, curve: "spring(700,20,500)", time: 200 }); view.animate({ properties: {opacity:1}, curve: "linear", time: 200 }); Anyone have a workaround for that? Thanks!

January 20

Cò Con
Hi guys, Just a quick question: is there a way to manage css animations in framer (something similar to animoJs)? I want to create a CSS 3D perspective effect but can't figure out how to do it with framer. Thanks!

January 23

January 24

Sung Hyun Lee
Is it possible to export grouped layer to a single image? In framer-sketch plugin can do it by adding * to the grouped layer. I wonder if I can do the same thing in photoshop too. Thanks.

January 28

Brett Holcomb
Played around a bit and prototyped a couple of ideas for a share button interaction. I was using Sketch initially, but wasn't super motivated to learn it since I primarily use Illustrator and the capabilities seem to mostly overlap. Ultimately just used HTML since what I was doing was pretty simple. Expanding Share Button: Zoom In on Share Button: One interesting thing is that the Zoom In option is fuzzy for me when it's zoomed in, but when I Cmd+Opt+I to inspect it fixes the fuzziness. Guessing this is forcing some sort of rerender.

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