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February 2014

February 06

Paul Kane
Huge fan of Framer JS... Would anyone have any examples where you have a repeated animation run continually on mouseover and then clear on mouseout?
Gollo Autumn

February 07

Benjamin Den Boer
Hey all, I tried to replicate the iOS7 Toggle animation using Framer. It's not perfect, but it's quite close! :) Have a look here:
Igor Safonov
Hey guys! I have several vertical scrollViews inside of a big horizontally draggable view. Horizontal container is made for the navigation, this way I can swipe through these scrollViews. I'm using Events.DragMove, DragEnd etc for the horizontal container and the problem is that on iPad there is no difference between scroll and drag, the horizontal container is starting to move when I scroll the scrollView and vice versa. Is there a way to solve this? Thank you in a advance, Framer is a great tool, the best there is for the complex UI prototyping.
Johannes Bühl
Hey Group, I try to call an animation on scroll position x. With a generated scroll view it works fine, but in my case I need the scroll position from a PSD group. I thought, I converted it with the layer name "scroll" in a scroll view, but PSD.myLayerName.on("scroll" [...] don’t work. What is my failure?

February 11

Marius Ladio II
Hi everyone, any tips on how to best preload a framer prototype? Thanks!

February 12

Luke Ngakane
Thanks for accepting. Looking forward to seeing how Framer shapes up to Origami. Any opinions?
Ayo Neo
Quick question. I can access any view the document by using PSD['ViewName'] Is there a way to access subViews by name instead of by array index? Thanks.

February 13

Henry Freel
Hey guys, So I'm pretty new to Framer, but I'm working on some prototypes. When I view them through my browser the interactions and animations work great. However, when I view them on my iphone5 it's very slow and glitchy. Any tips?

February 14

Luis Ricardo La Torre
Naming of the Layers help! I want to know what's the best way to name the layers on Photoshop. If I put spaces, they will have spaces when I get them in the folder, but I don't use spaces in Javascript. But what about draggable, should I use spaces then?
Koen Bok
Good to see that they continue to get Javascript faster and faster. For things like Framer, it's important that the browser never "halts" executing because then you will see dropped frames. Improvements like these are great:

February 18

Koen Bok
Yesterday, we announced a new app for the Mac to build sites. It's a great match for Framer because it refreshes your browser every time you make a change, so you get live visual feedback of your Framer prototype.

February 20

Luis Ricardo La Torre
How do you guys fit Framer into your workflow? I mainly work on the web so I would be interested on see how you guys fit into backbonejs or angular. Are you guys using CoffeeScript with it? I feel like I could tight some things together in my flow since I feel like I am all over the place.

February 21

Cemre Güngör
Any Sketch-Framer users? There's an update I need testers with, before we merge it. It is able to download a remote library file (wink ;)) and include it in your prototype, and you can also change the auto-generated index.html and app.js files (so if you'd like to include other libraries by default, or use coffeescript instead). Could you install it and let me know how it works?
Amir Ch
is it possible to create a pinch and zoom gesture in framer?
Thomas Aylott It'd be interesting to be able to use GSS for automatic layout with Framer.

February 22

Masato Miura
Hi everyone, I have a question regarding about my experiment with drag features here: Codepen: Dropbox: When I open codepen link above on my android chrome beta, drag works well. However, drag doesn't work on dropbox link which is generated from sketch framer plugin...could anyone tell me how to make it work as well on android device by any chance? Your advise would be really appreciated. Thanks.
Luka Marčec
[HELP] I just downloaded Framerjs. I want to use it with Photoshop. What do I need to install to run it? Java? If so, what kind of Java? Anything else?

February 23

Gary Jacobs
Has anyone gotten this to work on mobile. As soon as I try to drag it on a touch device (iPhone/iPad) the little balls x and y coordinates seem to return to 0 rendering the ball to the top left of the bound view. It works as expected on the desktop browser but not mobile. I'm trying to recreate a pull to refresh animation ( which doesn't seem to be working on mobile safari. Any ideas?

February 24

Melvin Gruesbeck
This is not directly about framer but maybe it can inspire some design interactions made in framer. It's a neat catalog of page transitions.
Marc Krenn
Hey, This is my first framer.js project - a recreation of Youtube's "drag down to minimize"-player. Maybe some of you may find it helpful, who knows :) However, be warned though! This is my first programming-job in years, after having dabbled around with Processing a long, long time ago. The code is far from being elegant and pretty, also it's seems like there's a bug* when running it in Chrome - so you should better be using Safari instead. Since I'm not a (paying) member of CodePen, I can't upload it there. Instead, you can grab it from my Dropbox: ZIP: DEMO: If you like it, feel free to rehost (on CodePen, for example). And thanks for the great work Koen, can't wait for framer3! ---------------------------------- * when scaling down via to 75% via "CMD" + "-", some graphics are not displayed properly.
Koen Bok
Great Framer feedback. A lot of things in here that I was not even realizing. Would love to hear your biggest annoyances with Framer so I can fix them :-)
Daan van Klinken
Is it possible to use the Offset method in FramerJS to determine the absolute position of a nested view? If yes: how? I can’t get it to work. If no: what’s the alternative?
Koen Bok
1000 members party anyone? Pretty exciting to see how fast this community has grown since I launched Framer a little less than a year ago. Thanks and keep it up.

February 27

Josh Puckett
I wrote a quick function to determine the angle of a touch gesture on a given view. Check it out!
Noah Levin
Fun fact: today's Google Doodle for John Steinbeck was first prototyped with framer! Try this on an iPhone 5: You'll see from the prototype that there were some things we were interesting in trying that we ran out of time for, like forcing landscape orientation and full bleed content. Funny thing about doodles though is that they have hard deadlines, so you can't miss the date! So not as much time for polish as I would've liked, but I think it came out really well — super fun side project, lucky to work with incredibly talented illustrator Mike Dutton and engineer Kris Hom on this. The production code didn't use much of the framer code, cross-browser support being critical for us and all. ;-) Framer source files for those interested: Koen Bok

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