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September 2013

September 05

Christine Røde
What's the best way to loop through all subViews of a specific view? I tried a few for loops without success, any clue what I'm doing wrong? (I have a folder in my PSD that contains many more folders. I need each of these to change background color on mouseover.)
Thomas Aylott
NEW Behavior Sheets for FramerJS Very simple system to apply pre-defined behaviors to your Framer views simply by changing the name of your Photoshop layers. The included example behavior shows a layer when it's hovered for all layers whose names begin with "Hover". cc Christine Røde
Thomas Aylott
Uses the new onalways behavior
Thomas Aylott
#NEW "Always" behavior and "onalways" View property. Example: Scale a view and set its opacity as you move your mouse. Top of the screen is scale 0, bottom is scale 1, and everything in between. Left is transparent, right is opaque. myAwesomeView.onalways = "opacity=Pointer.y/document.height" myAwesomeView.onalways += "scale=Pointer.x/document.width" Photoshop Layer Name Example: "My Awesome View `opacity=Pointer.y/document.height; scale=Pointer.x/document.width`" Note: Use backticks "`" Pointer is a separate behavior. To use it, simply name a layer "Pointer" and it'll be your mouse pointer. TODO: Touch support

September 09

Maykel Loomans
Would it be an idea to start some kind of external wiki / docs, where we document all of the tools built on top of framer?

September 11

September 17

Aaron Carámbula
Pretty frequently I get views that have text in them or have effects get rendered at the wrong size, cropping the text or stretching the image. Is there a good way for me to document/report these to help?
Koen Bok
The Framer overview video is up now: Much thanks to Blaise and Aaron. Sharing is caring!

September 20

Koen Bok
What about we open up this group to everyone and add it to the Framer site?
Koen Bok
I'm working on an experimental branch that can switch animation backends to requestAnimationFrame. The advantage of this is that you have more precise control over your animations, but the performance is worse than keyframes in my tests. It's still a wip, but feel free to play with it.

September 21

Cemre Güngör
Making progress on the Sketch Framer export thanks to help from @bomberstudios. Exporting is a bit tricky, I currently copy each element off-screen to export them in a clean way, so masks don't work yet.
Sean Johnson
Any best practices for building multi-page prototypes (layout of the psd, handling the back button, etc?) or do you just use multiple files and link between them?
Koen Bok
Hey guys. Jason is thinking about building Framer into a Photoshop panel. The starting point would be just running it. But he would love to hear ideas what we could build after that. Setting view properties in Photoshop UI? Maybe a full system with clicks and transitions like Thomas and Maykel built?

September 24

Cemre Güngör
Documenting my framer tips. Comments appreciated!

September 25

Alex W. Sciuto
Hi guys, here's a little different application of FramerJS. I tried it out for a rapid prototype wireframe. It took me longer to set up the Framer app than to actually make the design. You can click, "Home", "Filter", "Scenic", Big Red Arrow, Pop-up box, and all back buttons. I wish I had seen Cemre Güngör's advice. I could have used a few of those ideas to make the code more concise, but a good first try for me.

September 26

Johannes Eckert
hey, I have my first full day with framer and it's awesome so far. I was planning on using Cemre Güngör documentation of new ui.Draggable([view]); but I need to destroy the draggable somehow. is there a way to turn it off programmatically as well? (I need to switch between scroll and paginate)
Eric Sargent
I just started with framer, is the Photoshop support only for Mac?

September 27

Eric Sargent
Trying to add a scroll view via Photoshop mask and adding scroll to the layer group name, but it does not seem to be working properly. Any advice. I am using windows and PS CS6 (64 bit).

September 30

Matt Kay
I am having trouble running demos on my server - they work just fine locally - is there something I am missing or not doing right :D
Craig Murray
Just jumped in to Framer and building a small point-prototype for evaluation. I'm trying to mask a view so that I can animate (right to left) only within that mask, after a click event is triggered. Do I have to define my view as a scrollView to achieve this? I don't want user to scroll the contents (only want to occur after click event).

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