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November 21

Luke Warda
Toggle Class Hey, i'm looking for a toggle class (or some guidance in writing one) that would allow me initiate multiple instances of toggles with varied number of states. For example toggle 1 has two states "play" & "pause" and toggle 2 has three states "forward" "fast forward" "super fast forward" etc. I would also be able to pass icons from design mode for each state. Anyone tried something like this before. Here is my initial draft.
Paul Kooi
Hi. I have an item that's visibility in a given state is set to false. I have a button that I want the user to be able to click which would toggle the first items state and make it visible. The invisible object is located over the the button. The problem is that it seems that while visibility is set to false. Framer is still "giving" the click event to the invisible object located over the top of the button? I have tried telling it to ignore click events. But I'm still not able to click the button and get it to trigger it's event? Any help would be really appreciated
Cody Evol
Am I crazy or does Framer.Device.contentScale = 0.5 not work anymore? Should I just use Screen.width and Screen.height for full screen images that I import and 1x for everything else? Importing 1x causes blurry images on the retina preview.
Maximilian Bredow
I created a quick tab based prototype for the new iPhone X. Even though it works just fine I feel could have solved the stateSwitches more elegantly. Any tips? Anyhow, feel free to use:
Olly Watson
Anyone know how to loop through arrays in a way that compares the current array item [i] with the next item in the array [i+1]? Currently when I try to use e.g. 'array[i+1].opacity' in a loop I get 'Error: undefined is not an object'. Even when I create variable outside the loop (e.g. 'next = array[i+1]') I get the same. This is pretty straightforward in plain js... Am I missing something?
Yara Polana
Hi everyone, I am having difficulties clipping with framer. In the tutorials and in the documentation it says "Clip" is on the Properties panel, but it is not there for me or am I doing something wrong?
Karol Piwowarczyk
Hello! I have a problem with simple animation (scale & time) effect. I want to scale circle after clicked on "start" and stop the animation after clicked on "stop". Until then, everything is OK. When I clicked AGAIN on "start", my animation accelerates. This is not two seconds, only more. What is going on? Thanks for help!
Luis Ricardo La Torre
Hey Guys! I feel pretty comfortable with my CoffeeScript / React programming skills and I feel ready to take the leap to Swift. Any Swift courses recommendations for designers? My happiest place to code is Framer so take that into consideration.
Eric Parren
Any pointers to best practices to get Farmer to work with HTML5 canvas?
Chris Wang
I'm learning how to write modules. Can someone help me understand why instance name can't be the same as class Name? And why the error is "targetLayer" is not a constructor?
Ed Monterrubio
Has anyone tried to build a UI tree component in Framer js?
Aalok Trivedi
Does anyone have any advice on what javascript language I should start at (from a designer's standpoint)? I would say I'm at the intermediate level of coffee script and framer, but I also want to start learning actual js, which i have very little experience in. I know I guess I should start from the very beginning but, I seems like a slog and maybe outdated? I know there are dozens of js libraries out there. Which one is the most practical one to learn for a designer's purpose? Thanks!
Chris Keith
so I'm like 90% sure there's a better way to do this. I've made classes for things before and i've used for loops but i cant wrap my brain around how to more cleanly code this interaction. right now it works 100% how i want it to but I don't want to have to write out such verbose code to get it done. Any tips on how to clean this up?
Sean Blanton
Any ideas on how to force a layer's children into a specific order? layer.children is readonly :(
Erik Kennedy
Trying to re-create this animation in Framer as an exercise, and running across a bunch of issues: 1. Is there a "natural" way in Framer to animate the heart's size as a Spring curve, but from and to the SAME size? My workaround was simply to chain two animations together (a heartGrow and a heartShrinkSpring) 2. For animating the lines that shoot out from the heart, is there a simple way to do this? I'd love to be able to control both endpoints with separate animations. Instead, I think I will have to chain 3 animations – one to move the x value, one to grow the width, and one to shrink it again? 3. How on earth do I rotate 7 copies of the line such that the same animation just works for them? I'd love to not have to specify 8 (or 16 or 24) animations separately here... Thanks! (EDIT: Sergey shows answer to all three in demo below)
Steve Ruiz
Introducing Gotcha 👌 – press a key and turn your Framer prototype into a full-featured development spec. ✅️ See the demo: ✅️ Read the article: ✅️ Watch the video:
Matthew Mang
Hey lovely folks who work at Framer! Would it be possible to change the top of the iOS Framer Preview app to black instead of white when viewing old prototypes on a fancy new iPhone X? The white really sticks out in both dark and light background prototypes. Thanks in advance!

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