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January 24

David Plakon
Having an issue: Working perfectly in Studio, but getting this "Uncaught Reference Error" in the cloud share.
Tyson Junkers
I made my website into an app for my first proper build in Framer. Really loving this app. I'm sure my code could be simplified.
Drew Stock
We rebuilt The Brain by Mike Matas in Framer. Made a lil film and tutorial to go with. Any one else working with neural networks? Thanks very much Callil Capuozzo for your drawing tool. https:[email protected][email protected]3#.hp61a9tfd
Artur Abato
how can I import another coffee file to Tried Framer.import("file") which suddenly stopped working :|
Patryk Adaś
I have requested and received help numerous times from this group. Mostly, I was asking for the implementation details for this prototype. We have also designed, among others thanks to Framer, all the movements around the trails, which I will post about soon. Thank you, it's an awesome tool!
Silvia Bormüller
Hey guys, don't miss the next Framer Meetup in Munich next Monday. See us! :)
Louca Ruhe
Hello, I am new to framer and I have a question. I've imported my sketch file to framer and now I want a filter option come sliding from the top when I push the search button. Can anybody tell me how to do that?
Giles Perry
I came across something when including a header in a flow component. The documentation says "Any child layer that exceeds the height or width of the FlowComponent automatically becomes scrollable". But when I include a header, all child layers become scrollable regardless of the height of the child layer. I can handle this as follows: flow.showNext(layerA, scroll: false) But it feels like this behaviour is inconsistent and unnecessary. Is this a bug?
Fabien Mahé
Hey guys! I have a problem... A big problem... It's my birthday and I can't do what I want on Framer... If anyone can help me with states and onClick in a loop he will have the biggest "thank you" ever :) Basically I generate 5 different layers with a loop but the onClick to change the state works just on the first generated layer... I tried to move things around, in and out the loop, but it won't work :/ Thanks :) (Yes I use my birthday to have what I want) :)
hi guys, Snow just a layer, Why is an error reported ?
Erin Jerri Malonzo Pangilinan
Anyone make something like this using FramerJS? I was trying ot figure out how to use w/o a Skybox if I already had a 360 photo and how that would change the JS interactions and code.
Paul Kooi
Having some trouble and would love help from some of you ninja's out there... I'm trying to write a simple conditional where on Click framer checks to see if the current object, in this case layerA has a state of "default". If the state is "default" do X, else do Y... When I run it... it always does Y... seems like no matter what the state is... it always switches to "C" layerA.onClick -> if layerA.state = "default" layerA.states.switch("B") else layerA.states.switch("C")
James Muirhead
I'm experiencing issues when I try to view a Framer prototype embedded in an <iframe> in Safari or Chrome on a mobile device (issues best seen by using a tablet). Scenario #1 - The <iframe> is NOT inside an enclosing <div>. If I'm viewing in Portrait orientation, the Framer is positioned properly but the <iframe> itself is wider and higher than the Framer. If I switch to Landscape orientation and reload the page, the whole page kinda blows up with the <iframe> filling the viewport and no Framer in sight. Scenario #2 - The <iframe> is inside an enclosing <div>. If I'm viewing in Portrait orientation, all looks good. If I switch to Landscape orientation and reload the page, the Framer prototype is shifted up and to the left inside the <iframe>. Scenario #3 - Two <iframe> tags on the same page - the first one with an enclosing <div> and the second one without a <div>. In Portrait orientation, the first <iframe> displays the Framer properly, but the Framer is nowhere to be seen in the second </iframe>. In Landscape orientation the first <iframe> displays the Framer offset up and to the left. In the second <iframe>, the Framer is still nowhere to be seen. Control Scenario - Two <iframe> tags on the same page - the first one with an enclosing <div> and the second one without a </div> AND a simple HTML page referenced in each instead of a Framer prototype. You'll notice that there are no issues with either the size of the <iframe> or its contents in either Portrait or Landscape orientation, which leads me to believe that the Framer page is partly the cause of the various issues seen in Scenarios #1, #2 and #3. Everything works as expected in a desktop browser, so it seems to be the combination of a Framer page with an iOS browser. Any ideas or solutions?
Wez Elliott
I've just opened up an old project which I did several months ago... and I'm getting loads of errors. For example, it seems like it viewing a sketch layer as a function... any ideas?
Michael Pyrkh
Hi everyone! Why does the preview window keep showing me the spinner and nothing else?
Kunal Bodke
Hey framers! I have a question, we are beginning to prototype in FramerJS and I was wondering can we reuse the code for actual production projects in Android, iOS or Web platform?
Wonjun Song
Hey guys, does anyone know why prototype renders smaller when you open it on iphone app? I am using iphone 7 device template in framer and I have iphone 6. The black region is empty space. Thank you!
Andrew Liebchen
Hey cool kids, I made a module to help you quickly stand up an interactive chat prototype. As I have more time, I'll add additional features and enable more customization of the chat UI style.
Ed Chao
Made apple tv interactions with framer. It's a bit brute force, but still fun to play with :)

January 23

Marty Laurita
Hey Framers! We have another meetup coming up this week, come on down for some beer and prototyping!
Anders Kavcic
Question: How to create custom properties in extended classes? Hey everyone! I'm want to make a class for my nav buttons. And I'd like to create each button like this: nav_a = new NavButton on_image: "images/nav_a_on" off_image: "images/nav_a_off" This is what my class looks like: # NAV button class class NavButton extends Layer constructor: (options) -> # Get default layer functionality super _.defaults options, # Set default properties width: 270 height: 234 @myState = false @on_image = "images/nav_a_on.png" @off_image = "images/nav_a_off.png" # Deactivate by default @deactivate() # Add events handlers @onTapStart -> @myState = [email protected] if @myState @activate() else @deactivate() activate: -> @image = @on_image deactivate: -> @image = @off_image # END NAV class How do I write the class so that it accepts on_image and off_image as input properties when a button is created? I have been Googling for hours ;) Any input deeply appreciated! Thanks.
Björn Mußmann
Hey there! My question is: Why is the parent undefined? TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'layer._element.appendChild') Or: How can I use the value of the variable "name" instead of "testSwitch"?
Gergő Homola
Hi everyone, I am absolutely new to Framer and do not know much about coding either. I've found tutorials on YouTube but they are quite specific about certain things and however, I can copy the code but there is no way I could write my own code afterwards. So, Could you please, please point me to the right direction to find good tutorials or a course that could help me get started? Thanks in advance for any help.
Naheel Jawaid
Hi There! Having some trouble. Is there a way to change the contentInset of a ScrollComponent without it refreshing? I'm trying to expand a post in a feed and the problem right now is that I either have a bunch of whitespace at the bottom, or it will get cut off. Vid attached. When I use a conditional to change the contentInset, it make it jump back to the top of the screen.
Naheel Jawaid
Hey guys, quick question. I'm trying to import from Sketch and leave the background transparent. Pics attached. It's importing with a white background. Any advice?
Carl Bl
Hey there! I wanted to know if it was possible to access the proximity sensor from an iphone or android device with Framer. Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance! Carl—

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