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September 25

Mic Ky
Hey framers, even if the position of the fonts is defined and are arranged one below the other, it's completely broken. why 😫??? Thanks for help!!!
Sandor Rozsa
Guys, I am searching for a framer.js wizzard who can help us to build some plugins (JSON related stuff). Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
Tim Roth
Hi Guys, looking for a way to draw a line in Framer. I found an old module, but that does not work with the current Framer. Any Ideas? For a quick prototype, I would like to use three vertical slider to mimic a kind of equalizer: - Between the slider knobs i would like to draw a line to connect them ( preferably with bezier smoothing) Any help or tips greatly appreciated!
Mustafa Ali Akbar
Hello guys, I am trying to make vertical scrolling work with horizontal swiping through pages. I initially tried to use the FlowComponent, but figured PageComponent would be easier because it automatically handles the swiping. But I've run into two problems since using ScrollComponent and PageComponent together. 1. If I scroll on one page, the other pages also scroll down for some reason. How do I stop it from doing that, or should I use something other than PageComponent to avoid that? 2. I have 3 screens which I'm working on, imported from sketch. First 2 screens have the same size, the last one is a bit smaller in height. The problem is that if I try to scroll down on the last screen, it just moves back to second screen right after I stop dragging the mouse. I noticed that this doesn't happen anymore if I make the size of last artboard same as others in Sketch. But this means that user has to scroll on blank area until they reach the end. Here is the prototype, it is not the actual project because I can't share it, my absolute apologies for that. I'm still new to Framer, it's been only a few days since I've started using it, so any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Lukas Guschlbauer
I found a bug with shadows in v102! It seems like the settings of shadows can't be animated anymore and return wrong values in code. Try opening this prototype first in v101 and then in v102 and you'll see the bug:
Nathan Wright
Hi people!! This is my first daily UX & UI. I'm a UX designer but trying to improve my UI skills as well. Created using Framer, feedback welcome!
Justin Sias
This may be a coffeescript question but can anyone tell me why this code would give me a warning of "unexpected if" createNewNavItem = (icon, onIcon, activeIcon, isOn) -> icon.onClick -> if isOn #do somethin not getting the right formatting. is this the right place to ask this type of question?
Hu Rong
hi there, I am quite fresh to the framer and encountered a problem: two art boards was created and used flowComponent to control the homepage jumping to detail page. I added a scrollComponent on detail page, but the property of contentInset didn't work. The scrollcontent supposed to have some space between header. Here is the link:
Michał Jarosz
What do you use to record screen instead of QuickTime screen record?

September 24

September 23

September 22

Andre Balaz
Is it just me or is the Clip property suddenly gone? Has masking changed?
Maximilian Bredow
Where is the best place for feature requests - here? I have 2 that would mainly help me quickly understanding existing projects: 1. Improved Tabbed Framer Projects: I am frequently switching between several projects and at least on the new MacBook Pro cycling through these with the shortcut (Cmd + `) is super annoying. I found out I can enable "Show Tab Bar" but when I open an existing project, it still opens a new window and I need to manually drag&drop the project into the old window. When I press on the + on the right side of the tabs, it opens a new project and does not offer me to add an existing project to the tab bar --> Solution could look like in Photoshop, Chrome, etc. 2. Expand/Collapse Folders/SuperLayers: Having had a look and trying to understand your latest v102 examples (e.g.Motion Movie Dashboard), I had to scroll quite a bit until I understood which layers are e.g. content1, content2, content3, etc.. Would be great if I could collapse some for a better overview! --> Solution could look like in Photoshop or Sketch
Sam Kilbey
Hi, I am new to Framer. I want to do something that is incredibly simple but I cannot work it out. All I need to do is after a click instantly show the next screen. I have tried using a flow component and it does a transition but I simply want no transition just to instantly show the next slide. Can anybody help? Thanks!
Tsabita Vera Cyavrilla
Hi guys, anyone knows on how to set the bottom padding for the layer in showOverlayBottom? I'm completely new to Framer here :') Thanks!
B Boa Min
Hi guys! Is there a meetup in Singapore as well? If so, how do I find the information about it? Thanks in advance :)
Vic Hsieh
Hi everyone! I got super excited after reading George Kedenburg III's tweet about iOS 11. Decided to make a module and share it for those who might be interested! Please note that I've only tested on iOS 11 Framer Preview (Safari included Media Capture support). The module can capture both photo and video now! Let me know if you need any assistance with setting up. Will also be working on compatibility in coming days!
Grant Garrett
Anyone know why Chrome leaves me with blurry images/text when viewing the prototype in the browser? Safari leaves things nice and crisp. (macOS Sierra 10.12.6) (Prototype is not mine:
Sergey Voronov
I hope information on how to create reusable components from Design mode in Framer will be useful to someone:)
Ishaan Kolluri
Hey, I'm brand new to Framer! Working in Sketch and have around 13 screens. When I attempt to import my Sketch file into Framer, the progress bar loads and freezes both Framer and Sketch. Does this have something to do with my naming schema, or my versions for both applications? Thanks!
David Sinclair
Is anyone using the Framer Joystick? module?

September 21

Jon Brennan
Hey all - trying to get started with some Web Audio API stuff, and having issues just getting the initial AudioContext interface setup. Creating a new webkitAudioContext works...but it just returns null. So then I can't create an Analyser (or do anything else with it). Swapping out webkitAudioContext with just "AudioContext" or "webAudioContext" throws a reference error, so I know that webkitAudioContext is the correct I missing something else? (I was referencing this blog post from last year:, but even copy-pasting that code doesn't work.)
Houda Mezni
Hi. I would like to pause the audio after user clicks the close button on top right of the screen. Do you have any idea what to put in the part closeA.onClick -> We are using the regular audio plug-in from Benjamin den Boer. Thank you very much for your help!
Olly Watson
I'm trying to make a page index animate as I scroll from page to page... Here's an awesome example from shazam: Rather than just popping the page index to the next location, it stretches and compresses between them. So cool. I've been trying to make the attributes of the current page index change following the x of the page component using Utils modulate: currentpage = new Layer height: 18 width: 18 borderRadius: 9 x: 295 y: 1200 backgroundColor: "#333" Pages.onScroll -> currentpage.width = Utils.modulate(Pages.x, [0, -187], [18, 42]) No dice. Any idea where I'm going wrong? 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
Jason Sparks
Is there an easy way to limit how far you can drag a scrollComponent?

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