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March 21

David Louie
I drew a pill (left) in Design mode & made it a target. Then in code I want to add states to that layer and onClick want to transform it to a rectangular header (right). But in the code editor I get a SVGPath.height is readonly. Can i not animate certain properties on shapes I draw in Design mode? Any help appreciated - this is the first time I'm working from the start in Design mode.
Dorothy Cruz
Could you some explain the snippet > device > customize from Framer and what do I need to write on each value? Thank you! Here's the default: Framer.Device.customize deviceType: Framer.Device.Type.Tablet devicePixelRatio: 2 screenWidth: 720 screenHeight: 1024 deviceImage: "" deviceImageWidth: 800 deviceImageHeight: 1214
Karina Kozinsky
Does somebody succeed to embed project on Behance and willing to share the knowledge!!
Aalok Trivedi
Can you get scroll direction on a mouse wheel event? Regular scrolling works but not when I use the mouseWheel/trackpad
Joel Smith
Is there a way to lay out components down the screen so each is positioned vertically underneath the previous. currenty I'm doing something like this component2.y = component1.maxY component3.y = component2.maxY etc. This is ok, however I'm thinking more along the lines of how HTML works where each element just positions itself under the previous one without having to explicitly declare it's position.
Lee Jinjae
Hi, is there any way to skip the green color on this animation?
Tomáš Báňa
Hi all, i have a problem. When I open older project in framer. Framer return me Error: SVGPath.parent is readonly. Any idea why?
Lisa Apers
Hi all, does anybody know how to add a custom device to framer?
Emin İnanç Ünlü
Hey guys, I made a prototype for a Spotify feature, check it out here: Feel free to download and play with it. This prototype thought me a lot about audio element and its events. Also, I would be happy to hear your thoughts about the idea and how to improve it.
Dhritiman Chatterjee
SOLVED by Giles Perry (see comments) solved prototype - Hello, I am new to Framer and I am trying to make a full page vertical scroll with content that scrolls horizontally. Moreover, I want the horizontal scrolling to snap, like it happens with page component. This is the interaction I want to make: I want the above interaction to happen in a full page vertical scroll like this (this one is smooth horizontal scrolling, I want the snapping horizontal scroll): sHello, I am new to Framer and I am trying to make a full page vertical scroll with content that scrolls horizontally. Moreover, I want the horizontal scrolling to snap, like it happens with page component.
Giles Perry
Copy & Paste improvement request: rectangles pasted as frames not shapes.
Rishi Ramesh
hey guys, is there a way to break scroll. I have multiple section on my prototype, each one layered, I have to basically break the scroll when I scroll first, the scroll the first section moves up and pauses for a second, before the scroll to the next section happens. something like this
Jeff B. Léonard
has anyone ever encountered the "Uncaught SyntaxError: unexpected:" error?
Qamile Dani
Hi everyone! I'm kind of new to Framer. I'm using it to present a prototype of my "game" for my Communication Design Thesis class. I've searched everywhere for this solution but I simply can't find it anywhere. I know in the code you can create a clickable "button" that'll direct you from "screen 1" to "screen 2" in the same artboard/file. Is it possible to direct the location to a different file entirely? I'm designing a game, and I need to direct the "choose level here" button to levels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (which are in different files). Also, I've tried placing all the info into one file; lags and freezes way too often. Please help!!
Fabian Henzler
Hey guys, I'm looking to create a (huge) responsive webapp prototype. Smaller device sizes obviously have a different menu and show rather tiles than lists. Is there an easy way I can make this happen? I just tried the Framer WebApp Starterkit and saw it's not responsive at all :( Can I just make a Macbook, iPad and iPhone Frame with the same name and it magically works? :D
Stephen Crowley
Sharing just a little hack I did where I wanted to create a simple smoke effect. Here is the first draft w/ some sample code to take a look at:
Alex Márton
I'm trying to create a module for Radio Buttons. The first image shows how the code works in a normal loop in a normal Framer file, the second image is inside a class and everything runs perfectly in both, only the last part with the "for otherButtons in RadioButton" won't run in the one with the class. Anyone have a guess why? Normal project (works like a charm): Project with a class:

March 20

George Otsubo
Frames don't seem to mask elements in the latest update?
Ramon Marc
hej guys. is there a way that a textfield in the design tab is not rendered as a .textlayer rather than a .png like when you import from sketch with * I have an issue that I dont have the font available on my device so it renders it wrong?
Shamsuddin Chowdhury Delwar
Hello everyone, I was trying to do a simple microinteraction with framer but got stuck. The objective was to make the arrow moving back and forth on mouse hover and stop moving as soon as the mouse hover gone. I have made it after so many tries. here is the output: But where I got stuck is that if I move my mouse to the edge of the arrow it works perfectly every time. But if I directly move my mouse over the arrow, it got stuck and doesn't function properly. Can anyone help me what is wrong here? :( this simple interaction is killing me :(
Benjamin Den Boer
Hey all. We just gave our site a refresh just in time for spring to highlight our complete design toolkit and make it even easier to learn about Framer. See what’s new!
Jennifer Spriggs
Hey framer community! I'm having trouble with a slider component. I'm trying to make a layer appear when the slider hits a certain value (10), and disappear when its any other value. I've been stuck for a few days because I thought slider.value could return what I needed to make this work, but it doesn't seem to be working. The layer just disappears and doesn't reappear when the slider is on 10 again. EDIT: Updating to include changes. Thanks Chris!
Francesco Fiore
Guys, I'm having a problem using the San Francisco Font ( Apple ). Different weights just don't work inside Framer! Can you check out if you have the same issue or it's just me and I have to somehow fix?
Abby Walter
Hi! I'm having trouble with a scroll component on the products page (see link). I'm using a wrap and have it working on the home page. I set it up the exact same way on the products page, but it doesn't want to scroll to the bottom. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Andreas Strobel
Hey guys, if I use the new Copy & Paste feature from Sketch to Framer I have the problem, that the copied element has in Framer just the half of its size (width & height) like in sketch. Has anyone the same issue? Could it be on the Retina display? Thanks in advance!
Muhammad Athar
Hi guys, Is there a way to find the position of layerA while it is a child of layerB, if it were moved to layerC (in code).
Alex Heidarian
Hey all, made a simple but sorta-neat blurred light effect in framer. Nothing more than arrays and random numbers, but it's yours to play with.
Jacky Lee
Hi all! I just updated the Framer Feedback module and published it onto Framer Modules. If you're looking for a quick and simple way to include toast messages into your prototype, this is for you. A few things you can control for the module: - Manually dismissible feedback - Auto dismissible feedback after set duration - Listen to dismiss event for function triggering - Fully customisable (style, position)

March 19

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